Employee benefits

  • We offer a fixed hourly wage, starting above the legal minimum wage with additional premiums. On top we offer travelling allowance.
  • All of our offices are located within the city centre and are easy to reach – with public transport, car or bike!
  • Our work models are attractive in full or part time. Perfect for students, parents, single parents, night students – fit for everyone, fir for any course of life!
  • We welcome career changers! At any time, no matter the vocation.
  • Motivated and talented individuals are welcome to grow and develop with us. And take on more responsibility.
  • Our activities are varied and exciting. Our work spaces are state of the art. And our jobs secure.
  • We offer in-depth training before the job starts, regular trainings throughout and individual coaching with sales experts. You live and learn.
  • We are a diverse team – people from many national and cultural backgrounds, ages from 18 to retirement and beyond. Together we can conquer any challenge.
  • Feel good at work. And have fun. Also beyond work: at team events and company gatherings.
  • We care about the health of our employees. We provide the free use of a selected fitness center.

Sounds good to you?